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For the next couple of weeks, I'll be transitioning from this blog to my new site, I've had this blog for around four years, and a lot has changed, and now when I go read my old blogs I feel a deep sense of shame, remorse, and cringe. It's only natural and I hope it's a sign I've improved.

I'm going to be deleting old blogs, and updating ones I think still have potential and moving them to the new site. My new site also will have my podcast (Yeah, No, Yeah), a more robust portfolio, and will hopefully serve as a better platform for selling myself as a writer.

If you've been reading this — thank you! Your attention means a lot.

This picture expresses only a small fraction of the confidence I feel about the future:

Luckenbach Cowgirl



Our Lady of East Austin and the Downtown Aztecs

Our Lady of East Austin and the Downtown Aztecs