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Weird Candy and Cheap Meat - MT Supermarket in Pflugerville

I've never used Instagram before, but now I understand why people like it. Filters make you look fucking important! WHO IS THIS GIRL?

photo 3

She is enjoying the best (and only good) part of Pflugerville. The Asian shopping center, where you can dine on the pho-nomenal pho, and get all the Asian ingredients you've ever dreamed of at the nearby MT Supermarket.

The architecture outside really milks the whole Asian theme, much like the nearby Thien Hau Temple.

2013-10-15 15.00.01

And now a word from our sponsor, Xena, the Xenophobia-Inducing Worm-Filled Cookie Animal. Look deeply into its eyes. You're feeling sleepy. No need for worry. Relax. Banh Men Sung Mau makes the decisions now.

2013-10-15 15.01.41

Before you know it, you come to only to discover yourself surrounded by (very reasonably priced) containers of pork blood.

2013-09-02 17.50.44

Flee for the produce section! Here are some beautiful jack fruits. I wanted one, because they remind me of a dragon's egg from Game of Thrones, but resisted because I don't know how to tell if they're ripe.

2013-10-15 15.32.49

I was possessed by a yen for some gummy candy. I've been known to make some pretty compulsive purchases, so I asked my shopping companion to help me keep it together. He suggested these, so I fired him.

2013-10-15 15.26.48

Instead I got these tasty, gummy ginger candies. I'm a real sucker for anthropomorphic hunks of ginger root, especially ones that look like a stray sidekicks from an overseas rip-off of The Wizard of Oz.

2013-10-15 15.25.24

I also bought these Botan Rice Candies, based on  the reasoning that I was promised a sticker inside. Eerily, the sticker strongly resembled my boyfriend. And no, there is no explanation as to why the fancy waiter has brought a dog.

The candy itself tastes okay, just like vaguely fruity-flavored, sweetened rice gluten. Excitingly, each candy is wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper that is impossible to remove! That's because it's edible, engineered to melt in your mouth! What!

Botan Rice Candy: Unwrap the many layers of confusion!

2013-10-15 16.09.10

I could spend all day gallivanting through the junk food aisle. Entertaining? Get the appropriately labeled cookies!

2013-10-15 15.28.49

Ready to really party? Send all your friends home and try some of these!

2013-10-15 15.28.20

But the real fun of this place is the meat. Oh, the meat. They do a brisk organ business, at prices that make me wish I knew what to do with a sloppy bucket of kidneys.

2013-10-15 15.19.27

But just as affordable are the cuts of meat I'm familiar with. I got 3 pounds of pork chop for a little over $5.00. For those of you who don't do the whole grocery thing, that's like getting paid to eat pork chops.

2013-10-15 15.18.03

I went home to try out a Chinese marinated pork chop recipe. Seen below, gleefully massaging the exotic marinade into the meat.

2013-10-15 16.47.53

They turned out pretty tasty, which is important because I had enough left over to eat them for about 3 days straight.

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