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This past Saturday, The Museum of Human Achievement held a concert to promote the release of Zorch's latest album, ZZOORRCCHH. Max and I also visited The Museum of Human Achievement for New Year's. This thing has greeted us outside the warehouse venue both times.

2013-08-03 21.51.27

But THIS THING caught me off guard.

2013-08-03 21.52.43


Zorch is two members, drums, plus computers.

Have a listen. Click! Coward!

The concert took place in a warehouse. No drinks, no food truck, no glo sticks for sale. A neon green light display bloomed in the corner and several audience members blew bubbles.

Zorch set up their stuff on the floor, in the middle of the warehouse.

2013-08-03 22.20.35

They performed in the middle of a circle of cool-ish, young-ish adults bobbing with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I don't want to brag, but I think bobbed at least the second-to-most energetically. There was no a/c, and not much competition.

Slugbug opened, playing on the main stage. The lead singer sounds an awful lot like the lead singer of the B-52s. He sung a moving song about an uninsured motorist, accompanied by lots of synth. Campy, if camp took place in outer space.

Then came B L A C K I E, a rapper and noise musician with lots to get off his chest. He stripped down to only cut off shorts. Full-length pants could not contain his message. Toward the end of his set, his microphone broke so he screamed, unaccompanied by any equipment. His screaming performance was as absorbing as it was intensely depressing.

When B L A C K I E joined Zorch for the last couple of numbers, he had switched to normal pants, presumably out of deference to Zorch. I'm focusing a lot on pants.

Let's talk about Zorch's keyboardist's pants. He wore the clingy, grimy gym shorts of someone who isn't cultivating a look, which I think we all can appreciate. When we arrived, he was the unassuming man taking tickets.

At The Museum of Human Achievement, things are not always as they seem.

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