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Man I love shelter

All things are possible with Craigslist. I'm sorry I doubted you, Craiggy baby. I got a text the morning following my initial housing implosion, asking me if I could go look at a house I had e-mailed just hours before. I celebrated with this disgusting olive -fajita-sriracha snack.


But the man in charge of telling me where and when I should see the room flaked out, big time. My hideous fajita had also fallen apart, squirting olive juice all over the counter. I should have understood the foreshadowing.


This past Saturday I scheduled to see a room in a house about 20 minutes from downtown, just outside Austin, in Pflugerville. The notice stated the room was available on a first-come first-serve basis, so I offered to write a check for the deposit shortly after I had inspected to make sure the prospective house had a roof.

I move on the 1st! And it's month-to-month, so my nomadic lifestyle is not to be compromised.


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